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Atom Innovations is a challenging and respectful rule breaker.

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About Us

ATOM Innovations Limited was formed as a collaboration and partnership by Andrew Freeth and Tomas Hansson. The name refers to something that is indivisible in its foundation but the building block of all great things.

‘A’   stands for Andrew and   ‘TOM’   stands for Tomas.

Both of us have vast experience in the fields of business, innovation and project management. The principles that brought us together are; Honesty and Fun. Our experience tells us that both principles are directly linked to success and prosperity. We have keen interest in innovative thinking and we have strong faith in the human spirit which can lead to unlimited potential. At the same time the human mind can be the main obstacle for progress, rather than natural resources,  to keep businesses stuck in everlasting stagnation or decline.

Many companies need and want to change but do not. In order to change you need to honestly face your situation, take inventory and be willing to change. Due to legacy issues, personal interests and safety preference it is often the case that nothing happens regardless of bold intentions. We believe it is due to lack of honesty at the outset. Companies could safe on consultancy fees and time spend in meetings by honestly asking if they truly dare to change. We see lot of unused potential around due to resistance to change and that gives room for innovative new businesses to grow.

In our experience, friction is restriction. As in physics, friction drains energy, slows momentum and brings things to halt. Simple human feelings, insecurities and personal interests set above principles can lead to long lasting friction in the workplace which is paralysing. We have decided that fun is the basic principle of our work. Regardless of the challenge, we strive to be positive, helpful and honest. Finger pointing, blaming, gossiping, sarcasm is behaviour that is banned from our workplace and we avoid it like an infectious disease.

The objective of ATOM Innovations is to bring those principles into our projects. We both strive for our own innovative thinking to develop ideas and products and to be part of projects with potential to grow, both on consultancy basis or in partnership. We would like to host innovators with ideas, helping both on the product and business development and finances. ATOM Innovations is based on a solid track record working with both Banks and Private Equity Investment groups, but building friendly, honest and fun relationship with individuals is what generates results.

While ATOM Innovations is absolutely global in thinking when deciding on geographical location to develop this vision, the UK and the Oxford region was a natural choice. We actually see a great opportunity with Brexit going ahead where the UK will be challenged to become even more competitive in Europe. Brexit may lead UK to become globally active because as the saying goes “necessity is the mother of invention”. Oxford was selected as it is one of the major technology areas, that coupled with some of the finest Engineering and Science Universities on your door step, where innovation grows from fertile grounds.