The BIGgigs


Improbable Projects Ltd run the Business Innovation and Growth (BIG) events (gigs) with people from local companies.  We call them BIG gigs and they are great fun! Anyone can attend but the events are primarily aimed at people who are interested in exploring the role that imagination, creativity and innovation play in business growth.  We now have over 150 Oxfordshire businesses on our invite list. Places are allocated on a first come first served basis, so please let us know if you would like to join in and put the date in your diary as soon as you get the invite.  Each gig follows a similar format.  It is normally held in business premises and numbers are limited to around 30 people for practical reasons.  At each gig a ‘guest’ organisation is invited to present an innovation/growth challenge that they are struggling with.  This takes the form of a short (10 minute) explanation of a challenge or problem that is constraining the organisation in some way.  Participants then have around 20 minutes to ask any questions that might help them understand the challenge or problem in question.  We then break people into small ‘teams’ of 5 or 6 individuals who are collectively tasked with generating practical suggestions or imaginative ideas for tackling the challenge or overcoming the obstacles that have been identified.  These ideas are then feedback to the guest business to help them develop their approach or fine tune how they might move the business forward. Feedback from both the guest businesses involved and the business people who attend the events has been very positive.  People enjoy taking part in the discussions and talking with other business professionals.  The events are facilitated by the innovation company Improbable Projects Ltd.



What is a BIGgig

Business people from across Oxfordshire and beyond attend BIG Gigs. Our attendees form small teams of around 4-5 people each with an experienced and trained facilitator. Maximum attendance at each event is around 30 people, so registration is important.



Who is behind the BIGgigs

The Oxfordshire Business Innovation and Growth Network. The network is an initiative of Oxfordshire Business First and facilitated by the Oxfordshire based Innovation Company Improbable Projects Ltd.