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    <p><img src="assets/random-images/" id="randomImage"  alt="Aston Rowant Parish Council" name="randomImage" height="180" width="240" />Welcome
 to the Aston Rowant  Parish Council website, your convenient point of 
reference for all that's going  on at the Parish Council for Aston 
Rowant, Kingston Blount, Kingston Stert and  Chalford.<br />
      <br />
As well as giving easy access to  the dates of 
council meetings, minutes, agendas, planning applications and so  on, we
 provide links to the District and County Council websites for access to
  the wealth of information that these provide. News items are also 
posted on a  regular basis which can be seen to the right of the home 
page. Although not  affiliated with the <a href=";notif_t=group_comment">&lsquo;KBAR&rsquo; (Kingston Blount / Aston Rowant)  Facebook page</a> which was set up for the benefit of the Community, we also provide links from  there to some of the News items on our page. <br />
<br />
The <a href="contact.html">Contact Form</a>
 is the easiest way to give feedback  and ask any questions you may 
have. These messages go through to our Parish  Clerk, Stephanie Johns, 
who will then forward it on to the relevant Councillor.<br />
<br />
Parish Council Chairman, Peter Tinson writes…  </p>
 is little doubt   that the parish is in a beautiful part of the 
country. However,   developments elsewhere will affect us – new housing 
developments in   Chinnor, Thame and Princes Risborough bring increased 
traffic flow   through the parish and services that were provided at 
county level are   being cut. In addition, South Oxfordshire&rsquo;s
 development plan will   require some development in the Parish; the 
neighbourhood plan will be   an important step in managing this 
development in line with   Parishioners&rsquo;
 considerations. Your council is working on your behalf to   try to 
reduce the impact of these developments and maintain the   character and
 nature of our villages. The seven members of the Parish   Council all 
live in the Parish. Please see Councillors to find out more   
information and their contact details. </p>
    <p>The key issues for ARPC over the next few years are </p>
   Lobbying John Howell our MP, the District/County Councillors and   
agencies such as Highways England, with regards to traffic flows and   
infrastructure development </p>
    <p>* Obtaining private funding for traffic calming measures on the B4009 </p>
    <p>* Improving further all the footpaths and recreations areas </p>
    <p>* Overseeing the development of a new Neighbourhood plan </p>
    <p>* Ensuring the drainage ditches are maintained by working closely with landowners and the local farmers </p>
   Taking over some of the services currently provided by OCC (for 
example   grass cutting) and providing better value for money by using 
local   contractors. </p>
    <p>* Supporting the Citizens Advice Bureau, Air   Ambulance, Chinnor Village Centre, South &amp; Vale Carers, M40 Group,   churchyard maintenance, Village Hall, Play area and Aston Rowant Cricket   Club. </p>
 monthly meetings are open to the public and you will   most welcome, 
whether it is to just learn about developments or to take   part. I 
would encourage you to get involved in community activities and   groups
 - by all working together, our parish will be an even better   place to
 live.  I hope that this website and the links it provides will   help 
in that process. </p>
    <p><br />
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