Allowing SME’s to make the most of the opportunities presented by

the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things

We have all become familiar with smart technology and the opportunities that it offers. The connection of devices, objects and buildings through networks, which allow the collection and exchange of data, is made possible by the Internet of Things (IoT).

IoT technology is transforming the way that many everyday processes are carried out and the pace of change is rapidly accelerating. The ability to remotely monitor and control processes, whilst harvesting vast amounts of data from millions of interconnected devices, presents exciting business opportunities for any company that is willing to embrace change.

Any business owner striving for growth should be focusing on increasing efficiency, productivity, accuracy and competitive advantage. Nothing compares with the IoT in delivering these objectives. It also allows the development of new business models which have previously not been viable and improved service delivery for customers.


Can your company afford to ignore the IoT and the multitude of potential opportunities and benefits it offers, whilst your competitors forge ahead?

FAYZR: Removing the Barriers

Until now, a key barrier to adopting IoT technology has been the cost of the software development in delivering an IoT solution. It is a lengthy and expensive process to instruct a team of software developers to write and test the large amount of application code that is necessary to enable devices. This has meant that the development of ideas has not been a viable option.

FAYZR technology has been specifically developed to address this issue and to bring the potential advantages of utilising the Internet of Things to SMEs. The system is capable of building any of the industry standard database types required. It can also create them locally within any device or on existing in house corporate servers or deploy Amazon, Google, Microsoft or any other commercial cloud solutions.


By automatically generating the code for the cloud, communications, database and application server, FAYZR makes the impossible possible.

The FAYZR Solution

FAYZR is machine to machine programming technology that automates the process of creating software and coding for any ‘device to cloud to dashboard’ solutions. The device is also capable of testing as many as 10,000 devices simultaneously during the rapid QA part of the process.

FAYZR technology is designed to ‘information enable’ products, removing the need to hire multi-disciplinary software development teams. This not only presents a considerable cost saving that can make technological advancement a possibility, it also leads to the rapid development, modification and upgrade of software in a user friendly manner.


Specific features

Customer benefits

End to end solution
  • Enables SMEs to ‘information enable’ products
  • No need for multi-disciplinary software development team
Rapid deployment
  • Enables rapid software development and modification
  • Speeds up time to market for new IOT products

User friendly

  • Can be used by people with basic coding skills

Security and encryption

  • System is designed to be robust and any data involved is secure

Unique and original code each time

  • Does not rely on stitching together clunky API’s from a multitude of third party software solutions

Automated code generation

  • Low cost and error free production of software code

A priority for any company involved in data exchange is security. Security breaches can destroy a business, so the highest levels of security and encryption have been built into FAYZR to ensure that any data is robustly protected. As the majority of security breaches are caused by human error, removing people from the process greatly reduces the associated risks.


FAYZR technology is superior to other auto-build systems as it creates a complete and new end to end framework. In alternative systems API’s from third party vendors are typically stitched together and considerable time can be spent on fixing issues within the framework.


Complete, rapid and secure IoT enabling is now possible with the use of FAYZR technology. If you are ready to transform your business, create and test new solutions, and all at a cost effective price, please get in touch for further information.


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