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Improbable Projects is a leading edge innovation company.

Our mission is to help clients move from being improvement focused (doing the same thing better) to being innovation focused (finding different ways to achieve greater success).
For most businesses innovation is at the heart of achieving competitive advantage in rapidly changing markets. It provides the key to greater productivity, superior growth, faster return on investment and increased shareholder value. We help clients systematize and de-risk the process of conceiving, creating and commercialising business ideas.

We’re here for when you need a different way, an injection of fresh thinking or some unconventional wisdom.

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Andrew: – A mechanical engineer by destiny he’s good at practical stuff especially making new things from old things. He also likes to play with technology, experiment and blow stuff up. His approach to prototyping is ‘if it ain’t broke, kick it till it breaks’. Basically a square peg in a round hole.

07737 329661



Paul: – Good at finding the holes in conventional wisdom, likes asking awkward questions and doing things the opposite way to everyone else. A good person to have around when you need to get stuff done.
A square peg in a round hole.

07717 823377



The Office: – This is a nice space that allows us to be greative, childish and challenging. but best of all, it allows us to it it in the warm and dry. It is fast becoming a home for square pegs that realise that they will never fit into conventional round holes.

01865 922055


Join Us

If you are a certified square peg in a round hole and think you might fit in at Improbable Projects then give us a call and lets meet for a coffee.

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Unique People


Unique People

Unique people: Our people are unique, different, square pegs in round holes. We’re here for when you want an alternative perspective or some unconventional wisdom


Solving problems

Solving problems: Innovation is the outcome of solving problems differently. Our people are trained to approach problems in a different way and to develop different solutions.


Working together

Working together: Most innovation projects are complex. To overcome this complexity you need a team of people that contribute new ideas and unusual perspectives.


Making a Difference

Making a difference: We like working on projects that matter, producing stuff that makes a difference. Stretch assignments and pushing boundaries is what makes us tick.

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Add Value


Add Value

Add Value - We help our clients by systematically de-risking the process of conceiving, creating and commercialising new products and services. Innovation projects are always risky and uncertain. We help reduce this by providing practical help to businesses that want to innovate but need specialist expertise to enable them to do so.



Conceive – to have good ideas you first need lots of ideas. Our teams are great at discovering new insights, generating interesting ideas and finding unusual ways to solve business problems.



Create: – Business ideas don’t arrive fully formed. We help you to create prototypes to test.



Commercialise - Getting new ideas to market is difficult and uncertain. We help you identify the quickest and most risk free way of reaching out to new customers and connecting with new markets.

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Move Fast


Move Fast

We help our clients respond quickly to fast changing markets and rising consumer expectations. Technological change only gets faster and innovating is often the only way of holding on to your customers and keeping competitors at bay.


Competitors adapt

Competitors adapt – fierce competition drives relentless change in every market. To survive businesses need to innovate and adapt or face stagnation and redundancy.


Technology evolves

The pace of technological change is increasing at an exponential rate and engulfing almost every market.


Market Change

Markets change: – customer expectations change constantly as a result of access to endlessly proliferating range of products, services and experiences.

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Be Bold


Be Bold

Most businesses are pretty timid. So if you want to get ahead it makes sense to be bold, to set the bar a little higher so you have to work a little harder.


Go Further

Go Further: Many businesses won’t go the extra mile for their customers. So one way to be different is to go further, to exceed expectations, to do things better, faster, simpler than the competition.


Be different

Be Different: Most businesses take a ‘me to’ approach. But you can’t get ahead of the competition if you just mimic what they do. So if you want to get an edge on the opposition you need be different and do different.


Just Challenge

Just Challenge: People make big assumptions about how things are best done. So one way to get ahead is to challenge these assumptions, question conventional wisdom and find a better way.

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Kick-Ass Ideas


Kick Ass Ideas

Kick-Ass Ideas: If you want to develop really great products and services you need to come at things from a different perspective, develop a new angle. So if you want a great business - you need to kick ass!


Alternative perspectives

Alternative perspectives: Most businesses face the same problems as their competitors. So if you want to get an edge on the opposition you need to approach these problems from a different angle.


Unusual insights

Unusual insights: Doing the same type of market research as your competitors won’t tell you anything different about them. To get an edge you need to figure out something different, something unusual about how your customers see the world.


Unconventional Wisom

Unconventional Wisdom: Conventional thinking is usually wrong. So one way to develop a competitive edge is to figure out how and why it’s wrong. Then you’ll have an advantage over the opposition.

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Success stories


Get Ahead

Innovation is often at the heart of gaining competitive advantage so our work is often kept secret for commercial reasons. However if you want to get an insight into how we develop new ways of doing things and might be able to help your business please arrange to have a confidential conversation with one of our partners.


Go Value

Go value: – price is what you pay, value is what you get. If you want your customers to keep coming back for more you need to provide real value. Value = successful.


Go Sticky

Go Sticky: – people’s minds are crowded. If you want to get ahead you need to find a way to stick in your customers mind.
Memorable = successful.


Go Different

Go Different: – markets are full of ‘me too’ products and services. If you want to get ahead

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Reduce Risk


Reduce Risk

Reduce risk: The outcomes of innovation projects are always uncertain and fraught with risk. We aim to simultaneously accelerate and de-risk the process of conceiving, creating and commercialising ideas using our tried and tested four stage process – Insight Lab, Design Lab, Delivery Lab and Commercial Pilot.


Design Lab

Design Lab: The second stage in the process is concerned with formulating and documenting your idea and then evaluating it from a range of perspectives. This is the first step in assessing the potential value of a concept. The sorts of high level questions we would seek to clarify would include: What is the problem/need being targeted? (Is it desirable?) Is the proposed solution do-able? (Is it feasible?) Are the numbers going to work? (Is it viable?)


Delivery Lab

Design of consumer encounters, brands, services and products. A forensic analysis of a consumer experience allows us to redesign their encounters with brands and develop new touch-points which surprise and delight in equal measure.


Insight Lab

Insight Lab: Our starting point is to shift perspective from inside (how business perceives the problem) to outside (how consumers perceive the problem) by gaining a better understanding of the complex, subtle and often unconscious ways in which people interact with the world. By immersing ourselves in the user experience we get a clear sense of the things that really matter, uncover unmet needs and identify hidden opportunities to innovate and create value.

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